At we only use the finest professional products, including Darphin skincare range, pure essential oil, tea tree crème wax, aromatic hand and foot care and Essie nail polish. The combination of delectable products and divine treatment techniques will leave you feeling radiant and rejuvenated.. guaranteed to keep you coming back for more    

To trigger optimal feelings of beauty every day, Darphin’s unique customized 3D skin care routines are based on a complementary trio of luxurious and pleasurable products: a Serum, a Cream and most uniquely an Aromatic Care. Using a blend of highly concentrated Essential Oils, Aromatic Care essences help balance your skin’s conditions and boost its natural radiance while nourishing and helping to protect against environmental factors.
Visit the salon and experience the uplifting benefits for yourself. A daily homecare routine maintains those extraordinary results between treatments.

We retail the complete range of Darphin skin care products

Pure  Aromatic Massage Oil

Darphin aromatic body oil, enriched with pure blend of 4 Essential Oils, nourishes, softens and revitalizes skin as it releases a natural, uplifting scent.

Tea Tree Crème Wax

We use Tea Tree Crème Wax for its outstanding hair removal properties. This silky warm wax is soft on the skin and causes less pain. After care lotion is applied to diminish any inflammation and help prevent ingrown hairs.

Essie Nails

Essie provides professional, high quality nail polishes that come in a wide range of fabulous colours with chip resistant, long lasting, ultra shiny properties.